Amanda Cruz Myhrberg

M.S., Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC)

We know what we are, but know not what we may be. -William Shakespeare

Amanda Myhrberg moved to Sarasota in 2013 from Tallahassee. She studied sport psychology at Florida State University, and proceeded to work in the fast-paced sports field as a sport performance consultant. Passionate about all things sports, Sarasota has been a natural fit for a sporting enthusiast. Amanda started A Game Sport Psychology Consulting in 2014 with the intent that mental training should be accessible to athletes of all ages and abilities. In her free time, Amanda can be found training for her next marathon, watching movies with her husband Dan, or posting annoyingly cute pictures of her Australian Shepherd, Gizmo. 


  • MS Educational Psychology, Major: Sport Psychology (Florida State University)

    • Thesis: The Relationship Between Self-Presentation, Body Image Satisfaction, and Body Change Strategies in Weight Class and Non-Weight Class Male Athletes​

  • BA Major: Psychology, Minor: Art History, (Texas A&M International University)

Consulting Experience

  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (CMPC)

  • Mental Conditioning Coach (2015-Present), Home Base Program of Southwest Florida

  • Mental Conditioning Coach (Summer Staff 2013), IMG Academy

  • Mental Conditioning (Intern 2010), IMG Academy

  • Over 10 years of experience consulting with athletes and coaches to improve their mental skills. 

  •  Worked with sports teams, athletes, and coaches at the NCAA Division I, high school, youth sport, professional, National/Olympic, and competitive recreational levels of many different sports. 


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  • Ferguson, C.J., Rueda, S., Cruz, A., Ferguson, D., Fritz, S., & Smith, S. (2008). Violent video games and aggression: causal relationship or byproduct of family violence and intrinsic motivation? Criminal Justice and Behavior, 35, 311-332.

Additional Experience

  • Varsity Volleyball Athlete, (2003-2006) Texas A&M International University

  • Teaching Assistant, APK 4400 Sport Psychology, (Florida State University)

  • Expert Guest, WSRQ Radio The Extra Point 

  • Board Member (2014-Present), Sarasota Seminole Club

Fun Facts

  • Favorite movies: Casablanca & Full Metal Jacket

  • "Everlong" by The Foo Fighters was the first dance song at my wedding.

  • Favorite social media platform: Instagram 

  • My Austrialian Shepherd, Gizmo, is named after the character from the movie Gremlins.