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Coaches are some of the world’s most important, impactful people. This is why it is important to constantly develop your coaching skills. Learn proven mental techniques to increase your impact and become a better coach for your athletes. 


Coaching Development Sessions will help coaches: 

Develop coaching philosophies 

Learn mental strategies to help coach under pressure 

Learn to develop better athletes and better citizens

One Time Session


This is a great option for those that would like an introduction to sport psychology and mental skills training. 


One Time Session Includes

Free 30 minute phone consultation

1 Session (45-60 minutes In-person or via Skype)

Five Sessions


Perfect for coaches that know they want to commit to mental skills training. Savings of $5 per session.


Five Sessions Include 

Free 30 minute phone consultation

5 Sessions: (45-60 minutes In-person or via Skype)

Unlimited email access 

Ten Sessions


This package is ideal for coaches that would like to work with Amanda from the pre-season to their competitive season. Savings of $15 per session.


Ten Sessions Include

Free 30 minute phone consultation

10 Sessions (45-60 minutes In-person or via Skype)

Unlimited email access

30 minute post session phone check-in 

Additional Information: 

New clients, please visit our NEW CLIENTS PAGE to schedule your first session.

Group coaching sessions are available to train your coaching staff. Please contact us for mor information.

Payment plans are available.

If you have additional questions please call (941-538-7530) or email (, we will be happy to assist you. 

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