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In 2014 ​Amanda set out to create a business to help athletes "Bring Their A Game." It came from the idea that mental training can and should be accessible for athletes, coaches, and exercisers of all ages and abilities. This is how A Game Sport & Performance Consulting, LLC was formed. Since then the purpose has been to help our clients reach their full potential through mental skills training. 


At A Game Sport & Performance Consulting, the mission is to make mental training accessible to all athletes, coaches, and exercisers. We aim to assist our clients through the development and implementation of mental skills training, help them adapt to their competitive and performance environments, and guide them to achieve their personal goals.



Amanda Myhrberg

Head Mental Performance Coach


If you have a body you are an athlete. We believe that everyone is an athlete, it is not a term that is only reserved for those that receive a paycheck.

At A Game Sport & Performance Consulting we use a science practitioner model to guide our training. The scientist-practitioner model urges consultants to allow empirical research to influence the applied practice. Additionally, we encourage our consultants to incorporate creativity in the applied practice. Creative thinking and creative problem solving allow us to advance the field of sport psychology in unique and fun ways.

We encourage growth personally and professionally. It is important to keep pursuing knowledge not only to keep up with the ever-changing field but to unlock our full potential as people.

Most athletes started sports because it was fun and it was a way to connect with others. Along the way, we as athletes lose that narrative. We strive not only to help athletes improve performance through mental training, but help them find the fun!

Collaboration is about identifying your team behind the team and helping each other achieve those audacious goals! As said by Althea Gibson, “No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.”

Everyone is an athlete!

Mental training is an art and a science

Keep pursuing knowledge

Sports should be fun!

It is all about collaboration

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