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The Extra Point, WSRQ Radio

October 07, 2017

The Extra Point is WSRQ’s newest sports talk show. Host Andre Spivey welcomes Amanda Myhrberg, owner of A Game Sport Psychology Consulting, to discuss how to play your best.

Show Your Scars Podcast Episode 39

August 15, 2017

Today I get to talk with A Game Sport Psych founder Amanda Myhrberg. We talk about good ways to set up your technical and emotional support teams, how the timing of her injury was helpful, and how she can help you in your recovery.

The Relationship Between Self-Presentation, Body Image Satisfaction, and Body Change Strategies in Weight Class and Non-Weight Class Male Athletes

August 09, 2010

Athletes are constantly being judged by themselves and others. Therefore, it is of interest to study how athletes view their public identity, and what behaviors athletes use to manage these public identities (Prapavessis, Grove, & Eklund, 2004; Wilson & Eklund, 1998). 

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