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  • What is sport and exericse psychology?
    Sport and exercise psychology is the study of how psychological factors influence athletic performance. Sport psychology consultants utilize mental skills training (MST) to help athletes work on being more consistent with their mental game in order to improve performance. Some topics covered within MST included but are not limited to mental toughness, team building, confidence, goal setting, performing under pressure, and motivation.
  • Is mental skills training only for elite athletes?
    The short answer "NO." Mental skills training can benefit athletes of all ages and abilities. Keep in mind you don't have to be sick to get better.
  • Will I see results immediately?
    Mental skills just like physical skills need to be honed and practiced. The more mental skills are practiced, the stronger your mind will become. The practice of mental skills takes effort and dedication, but you will appreciate all the work at the end!
  • Why do you call yourself a sport performance consultant rather than a sport psychologist?
    There are different types of applied practitioners in the field of sport and exercise psychology. A "sport psychologist" is a licensed psychologist who is able to work with both psychological and performance-related issues. A "sport performance consultant," "mental conditioning coach," or a "performance consultant," is not licensed and, therefore, cannot use the term psychologist nor help clients with psychological/clinical issues. Sport psychology consultants focus on performance-related issues and take an educational approach to teaching clients skills that will help them improve their mental game (i.e., mental conditioning). This is the approach used by A Game Sport Psychology Consulting.
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