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Team mental training sessions are tailored to help foster team cohesion, communication, and provide a foundation of mental skills. 


Team Mental Training Sessions will help your team: 

Redefine team goals 

Learn mental strategies to make team performance enjoyable, effective, and efficient

Develop and train athletes for leadership positions

Flex Program
(Hourly Based)


This is a great option for teams that would like an introduction to sport psychology and mental skills training. 

Package of Group Sessions
This is ideal for teams that know they would like to commit to a mental skils training program. 
Combination of Group/Individual Sessions
The combination package is great for teams that would like the best of both worlds (team and individual mental training).   

Additional Information: 

Programs are customized for your team/group's specific needs

Sessions are done on site at your location

If you have additional questions please call (941-538-7530) or email (, we will be happy to assist you. 

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