Get the Most out of Mental Training

Most people have no idea what to expect out of a mental training session. Some athletes told me that they worried that I would have them laying on a couch and ask them over and over, "How does that make you feel?" While I cannot guarantee I won't say, "How does that make you feel?" I can guarantee you will not be laying on a couch recounting a dream from childhood that may or may not mean something. Like most things in sport, mental training works when you put in the effort. You get what you put in. While every session is a little different for each athlete, here are six ways to help you get the most out of your mental training session. Keep an open mind Having an open mind can be somewhat d

35 Reasons To Start Training Your Mind

Mental training is a great way to improve your game. I have seen, through my several years of experience, that athletes and coaches are hesitant to start mental training because they might be seen as weak or incompetent. Mental training is something top level athletes and coaches are using to not only improve their weaknesses, but sharpen their strengths. Here are 35 reasons why you should start to train your mind like you train your body. You want to improve the mental side of your game. You just got injured and want to use mental training to help your recovery process. You are in a slump. You are going from middle school to high school sports. You are going from high school sports to colle

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